Introducing Sentry – CIA’s smart CCTV package for the home

Sentry is our new, affordable, intelligent home CCTV system. It’s reliable, durable, easy to use and it delivers high-quality video day or night. We’ll expertly install and configure it to suit the environment it oversees and to meet your specific requirements.

Why choose CIA’s Sentry home CCTV package?

There is a wealth of choice when it comes to choosing CCTV for your home but it’s hard to compare CCTV equipment unless you’ve got a thorough understanding of how all of the different factors impact upon one another.

We know the market inside and out and believe that our competitors’ systems are inferior when it comes to overall quality, and of course, there is our award winning service to consider.

What is certain though – when it comes to CCTV – is, you will only get what you pay for.  Buying an inexpensive system will prove to be a waste of money in the long run because cheaper equipment will not provide quality images and will probably be temperamental and not go the distance.

Like every single product CIA installs, after painstakingly selecting the kit that makes up the Sentry package, it was put through its paces by our Technical Director, Andy Jenkins.  Once it had passed his rigorous evaluation and testing, we trained every one of our 50+ engineering team to make sure that our customers get the service we are renowned for.

Professional installation included in the price

CIA’s Sentry is always properly designed and installed by professional technicians, compliant with the Data Protection Act, always reliable and, if properly maintained, it will deliver excellence for many years.

Sentry is hard-wired for reliability, all expertly installed.  You will get impressive image quality and we’ll use our expert know-how to reduce wasted storage of unwanted recordings (by masking things like bushes and trees that move in the wind and activate the sensors, for example).

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The heart of the system

The fully featured NVR (network video recorder) is also the system’s controller.  It has high decoding capability for full HD viewing and recording simultaneously – some NVRs will not allow you to view and record at full resolution at the same time, so you will either get a lesser quality image on the live monitor and record at full resolution or you can record at a lesser quality and view at 1920×1080. This NVR outputs both in HD at the same time.

It has a four channel screen splitter, letting you view up to four cameras simultaneously (or one at a time) on your monitor.  All channels can be watched or played-back at full resolution (1080p).

High definition cameras

  • Full HD 1080p (1920×1080)
  • IR LEDs mean that even at night, you’ll always get a great picture
  • The IP66 camera housing is third-party certified “waterproof” and “dust proof”

Storing the captured footage

We’ll configure the system to only record when movement is detected, normally from five seconds before activation until five seconds after the movement stops.

The system comes with 1TB of storage as standard. We consider that’s generally about two weeks worth of saved footage before it starts to re-record over itself.

Dynamic, accessible monitoring

You can monitor your cameras, from anywhere you can get data coverage or wifi access, using the mobile apps for Apple and Android smartphones, tablet computers, and laptops.  There’s also desktop PC and Mac software giving you even easier access to view four-camera split view.

Convenient, practical long-term storage

You can store videos and snapshots to a USB memory device, ie for your records or to conserved evidence.  It’s also possible to burn it to CD/DVD from your PC/Mac, or even connect your NVR to an external network storage server.

Snapshot images can be easily printed; to hand over to the Police, for example.

Configurable alarm alerts

Our engineers can configure the system to send you alarm alerts (automatic emails or texts with attached video or snapshots) if desired.  Buzzers or flashing lights can also be introduced, prices on application.

Complies with the Data Protection Act

Includes a privacy masking facility for your neighbours’ properties.

The system sells outright for £999.00 including VAT

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