CIA Assure™ is our in-house finance programme.
Let us provide you with the very latest products and combine it with a service and monitoring package that can be specifically tailored to meet your individual business needs on a quarterly payment basis.

We believe in a strong partnership for our customers to help you make the right choices for your home and business , even if you have no existing investment, fixed budgets or no initial capital.

In return for one agreed, manageable regular payment covering all aspects of your needs, we will provide you with the very latest product and combine it with a service and monitoring package, that can be specifically tailored to meet your needs – not just for now, but also for your future requirements.


A reliable and main player – confidence from dealing with CIA
Intelligent use of money – no capital outlay or 3rd party finance
Comfortable budgeting – spreads the cost of security evenly
Pace of technology – allows for the flexibility to upgrade
Better accounting – avoids the need to invest in a depreciating asset
Performance underpinned – customer retains leverage throughout the contract life
In-built flexibility – the customers’ ability to add to their system when needed
Better value – a hassle-free, long term partnership, delivering 100% trust

CIA Finance is our in-house finance partnership programme, offering end-to-end security solutions to every home or business.


Product Technology

After our analysis we will choose the best products to cover your threats.

Innovative products and intelligent solutions
Integrated solutions for maximum value
Underpinned performance with full warranty for the lifetime of any agreement

    Tailored monitoring plans
    Extensive remote services support
    24/7 365 day operation
    Support centre with nationwide service and maintenance support
    Flexible options tailored to meet your requirements
    24/7 support
    Remote service and fast response
    Leaves investment available for core business growth
    Underwriting technology for the life of the agreement
    Guaranteed performance

Terms and conditions may apply. Please call our office for more information.

  • Mr T xxxxxxx Portsmouth, Hampshire

    The service we receive is excellent and always has been.

  • Roger Garth Hutton Farnham, Surrey

    Prompt, efficient service. Courteous and efficient technician.

  • Miss B********** Hedge End, Southampton

    The engineer is always polite and cheerful and takes care inside my house.  It is lovely to see the same engineer year after year.

  • Dr xxxxx Hampshire

    Your staff are always pleasant, helpful and informative.  It is also nice to have the same person every time to do the service.

  • Mr C Sxxxxxxxxx Fareham, Hampshire

    Very polite. Returned when he said he would as didn’t have enough batteries.

  • Mr & Mrs Hxxx Rowlands Castle, Hampshire

    The service has always been excellent.

  • Mrs P Wxxx Waterlooville, Hampshire

    One employee was the one who liaised with me every time I rang, rather than being passed from pillar to post.

  • Roger Harvey Berkshire

    Customer service has always been good and a great deal of time and effort was put into sorting out the issues we had with the system when it was first installed.  We always found CIA to be a very reliable company and a company we would be more than happy to recommend.

  • Mrs ****** Chichester, West Sussex

    Recommended by a family member so have not had anyone else to quote.  Hard reputation to follow!

  • Mr M Cxxx Portsmouth, Hampshire

    Quick response and very polite.