Galaxy User Guide Videos

We made these Honeywell Galaxy intruder alarm system user guide videos for customers and none-customers alike.  They’re extremely easy to follow and cover most of the functionality you’re likely to need with your system.

How to set and unset with a code

This is the simplest video in the CIA Galaxy user guide video series showing quite simply how to set and unset a Galaxy intruder alarm system with a code.

How to set and unset with a proximity tag

This video shows how to set and unset a Galaxy intruder alarm system with a proximity key tag. A proximity key tag is a small inexpensive device that can programmed to replace the need to enter a PIN to turn set or unset a Galaxy alarm system. Each user can have a tag unique to their usercode. Tags can easily be added by a user with the systems master code.


How to omit a zone

This video shows you how to temporarily omit a zone (or several zones) when setting a Galaxy intruder alarm system – meaning: the device(s) will become inactive and will not cause an alarm condition if triggered, ONLY for the duration of this set. NB: Next time the alarm is set, the user will have to repeat this process if wishing to omit the zone again.

How to add a usercode / change an alarm code

This video shows the steps involved in adding a usercode to your system. It’s well worth introducing a new code for each person who uses the system (and adding a name for the user – we’ve a video to help you do this too). This way different users can choose a unique PIN that they find easy to remember.


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How to add a name to a usercode

This video shows the steps involved in adding a name to a usercode. By adding a name to a usercode for each person who uses the system, checking the log of the systems activity becomes more meaningful and there can be no discrepancies regarding accidental activations, etc.


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How to add a tag to a usercode

This video will demonstrate how to add a proximity key tag to a usercode on a Galaxy G3, Galaxy Flex or Galaxy Dimensions control panel. NB: The Galaxy Classic (models 8/18/60/128/500/504/512) and the G2 panels operation is the same but the wording in the menus is slightly different.


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How to view the events log

This video shows how to scroll through the systems events log and what it can tell you.


How to re-programme time and date

Due to leap years, or over an extended period of time, a Galaxy system’s time or date may be displaying incorrectly. This video shows how to change your systems time or date.


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