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PSTN: Time to Digitise your Security?

BT’s analogue PSTN network will be permanently switched off and your monitored security protection may be severely disrupted. We can bring your fire alarm and security monitoring services up to date by installing a simple upgrade to your intruder alarm. Book an appointment today! 

What is the PSTN network and why is it closing? 

“PSTN” is BT’s Public Switched Telephone Network. It is an analogue network that has served the UK for decades, connecting phones, faxes, and security systems. The entire network will be permanently closed by December 2025 to make way for digital-only communication. 

This means that any device still connected to the analogue network, including fire safety and security systems, will be disconnected and essentially defunct, and your monitored security will be affected. This project is already underway, with some exchanges already being closed, so now is the time to take action. 

You can learn more about the big PSTN switch off in this helpful guide

Don’t worry, we can help bring your systems up to speed…

At CIA, we can provide a range of new-generation devices that will allow your existing fire safety and security systems to operate without needing a PSTN connection.  

We just need to check your system to confirm whether it currently relies on the analogue network, before making the necessary changes. We’ll be happy to offer all the guidance and technical support you need to help ensure your home or business stays protected before and after the deadline. 

But it is important you book an appointment as soon as possible. 

Give us a call today on 02394 387808 or contact us online to speak to our friendly team and book your appointment. 

FAQs about the PSTN switch-off and our services 

BT’s deadline for the entire PSTN to be permanently closed down is December 2025. However, work has already begun on shutting down some exchanges. How do I know when my local exchange will be affected? BT is working on closing exchanges gradually. Some exchanges have been closed already as part of a trial. Next, there will be a stop-sell on all new connections or transfers on the analogue network. Then the project will be complete when all the exchanges are permanently closed. You should speak to your security provider to get a better idea of when your exchange is likely to be closed.
You won’t necessarily need to replace your fire alarm or security system if it relies on the analogue network. We provide simple solutions that can be used to convert existing security systems that run on the analogue network to digital communication.
Any systems still running on the analogue network will stop working. It is important that the necessary upgrades (implementing digital communication) are made well in time. The upgrade will ensure your fire alarm or security system will work before and after the closure of the PSTN.
This really depends on your existing system. We’ll be able to provide you with a clearer timescale once we’ve surveyed your property. However, to give you an idea, a simple intruder alarm system in a family home may take just an hour!

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