Monitored CCTV

On this page, we detail the benefits of monitored CCTV systems through a Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC).

Video surveillance that communicates to an RVRC

CIA’s sister company is Southern Monitoring Services (SMS), the third largest ARC/RVRC in the UK, and naturally we use them for all of our monitored CCTV systems.

SMS can monitor sites anywhere in the world. Control over cameras, lights, gates or any other management functions can be maintained by use of telemetry.

We also have comprehensive knowledge in IP CCTV – which means that no matter where you are (at home, for instance, or even on holiday) you can view your site by using special software which transmits video signals over the internet.

There are two types of CCTV monitoring:

  1. Reactive monitoring involves alarm detection on site which initiates a picture transmission to the monitoring centre who use this for visual confirmation and deal with it appropriately
  2. Proactive monitoring (city centres and high street locations, for example) takes place in real time. An operator constantly reviews the location and is able to immediately alert the appropriate security or emergency service of an incident

Both types of monitoring provide recorded evidence of events and these recordings are frequently used by police to assist with their enquiries; they also help the police to build cases by supplementing non-related incidents.

CCTV in the public sector is governed by the Data Protection Act.

Download the Information Commissioner’s Office Data Protection CCTV Code of Practice (2008 Revised Edition).

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