High Security Lock Systems

There are many different high-security lock systems, from patented cylinder mechanisms which interact with a spring loaded pin in the cylinder plug to produces a ‘virtual combination’, to less high-tec protected registered keys that prevent the lawful duplication without the owers permission.  Here are some of the high-security solutions CIA offer.

Patented Restricted Key Systems

A major part of building security and usually the first line of defence is the mechanical lock, used to secure doors, gates and other access points. The key that operates this lock is an important factor in the security of the access point.

It is therefore vitally important that the control over key duplication is considered as well as the physical strength of the lock, in order to maintain the integrity of security in the building.

The integrity of a building can only be as secure as the control over the use of the keys that operate the mechanical lock.  Patented keys should be the minimum level of acceptable security for businesses when issuing keys to staff, contractors, tenants etc.

Copyright Protection

In August 1999 the copyright protection on key blanks was withdrawn. This meant that any locking system that previously relied upon copyright law to prevent the unauthorised duplication of keys, no longer guaranteed protection. Only ‘Patent’ protected keys and cylinders can now provide this level of protection via current Patent laws.

Mul-T-Lock Interactive is a patent protected high security cylinder mechanism which incorporates a high precision moving insert, which interacts with a spring loaded pin in the cylinder plug. This produces a ‘virtual combination’ once the key is inserted in the lock.

This patented design provides increased control over key-blanks; thus discouraging unauthorised key cutting.

The range is available in all cylinder variants currently found in the UK market.

Also available from CIA is Kaba’s AP2000CNS 6-pin cylinder range. This range provides the user with a traditional pin tumbler cylinder and key but with the technical features, range and exacting security standards required to provide a flexible and secure locking solution at a cost effective price.

  • Keys only obtainable through the original supplier ensuring key holders cannot obtain duplicates without the correct authority
  • Minimum of 6 hardened steel inserts are located per key side positioned to ensure maximum protection against drilling attack
  • ‘Paracentric’ keyway and specially shaped anti-pick mushroom pins provide protection against the use of picking tools
  • Cupra-Nickel key to provide increased resistance to key breakage through mis-use

Chubb RKS (Restricted Key System) is only available through registered Chubb Super Centres. Only these Super Centres stock the patented key blanks for use in the system RKS locks. Strict procedures ensure that only an authorised signatory can obtain duplicate keys once registered with the Super Centre. This enables you to have total control of all the keys to your property.

Chubb RKS Locks will replace conventional mortice locks with no need to replace the door furniture.

Are you the only person with keys to your property?

Did the previous owner track down and return all of the keys when you moved in? Did the estate agent hand over all of the keys to the property when you purchased it?
Have you or your family ever misplaced a key? Did the house builders have any duplicates made?
Have you ever had to leave keys for a work man whilst you were away from your property ? Do you ever leave your keys unattended?


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