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Home intruder alarm systems are the best deterrent against criminals. That’s why you need to safeguard your property with the right domestic intruder alarm. Christie Intruder Alarms has been supporting customers for over 50 years. 

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Reasons for installing a burglar alarm in your home

You may be wondering if your home really needs an intruder alarm system – otherwise known as a burglar alarm. 

Here are some of the most important reasons why you should protect your home with an intruder alarm system: 

  • Burglars strike every 40 seconds and 44% of these take place during daylight 
  • 57% of the time there is someone at home during the robbery 
  • Burglars avoid houses with burglar alarms altogether  
  • Other studies have shown however, they will actively target houses with alarms that look antiquated or faulty 
  • Burglars often re-visit a property they’ve already successfully attacked. 

Did you know… 

Most insurance companies will offer a reduced premium for properties that have a professionally fitted NSI accredited burglar alarm. All CIA systems are NSI NACOSS Gold certified, the highest NSI accreditation read more about our accreditations

Frequently asked questions about home intruder alarms

Christie Intruder Alarms feel residential property is best protected with a burglar alarm using ‘trap protection’. Trap protection is a strategy for protecting a property without fitting sensors in every room, for example, because statistics show burglars rarely break-in through windows at the front of a house and are even less likely to stay in one room and leave through the same front window.
Any system you install should cover all the major weak points in your home, which means you’ll need at least two PIR movement sensors, a control panel and an external alarm. Ideally, you should work with a reputable security service provider that includes a warranty for the equipment and after-sales care. You may be tempted by budget equipment or cheap service providers. For the best protection and customer experience, only use NSI NACOSS Gold certified suppliers.
You can ensure even greater protection for your home with remote monitoring. Security professionals can monitor your home from professional monitoring centres 24/7, which means that if an alarm is triggered, they can act instantly. Monitored alarms are linked to monitoring centres (otherwise known as an Alarm Receiving Centre) via internet connection or cellular network, or both. Read more about monitored security systems
This is a conversation we have often and if you are reading this, we don’t need to dwell on your feelings of devastation.  What we can do is give a step-by-step logical plan to help you.

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